DURAsuite and Operational Efficiency

DURAsuite is a Java based application suite that operates on the Ascom Open Java Server (OJS). With a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of over 20 years the Ascom OJS platform provides exemplary stability and reliability.

DURAsuite is a complete emergency response communication system that enables the rapid receipt, dispatch, escalation and logging of critical alarms and messages from all sources – e.g. personnel alarm, duress, Nurse Call, fire panel, access control, security, building management, production management (PLC & SCADA), wandering patient, email etc. DURAsuite can in essence receive alarms and messages from any source and deliver that information as a text message to any destination.

Typically used in areas where reliability and robustness are mandatory – like hospitals, elderly care facilities, industrial operations, and prisons.

Simple to install and maintain
DURAsuite’s structure ensures that technical service departments can easily deploy and maintain DURAsuite systems, without specialist knowledge, regardless of the complexity of the configuration or the quantity end-user functionality used.

Simple to use
DURAsuite enables customers to provide greater levels of protection to their staff and gain greater workplace efficiencies with very intuitive and simple to use Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

DURAsuite applications – designed with simplicity in mind
DURAsuite consists of a number of applications to support Alarm Management and Messaging. These are combined and configured to opti-mally support each customers needs and processes. A short description of each offering is found on the backside of this sheet.

DURAsuite applications – Alarm Management

  • DURAevent is at the heart of the DURAsuite application. DURAevent is what is known as an “event handler” which is an “engine” that controls all the alarms and messages as per pre-defined business rules.
  • DURAalarm is an internet browser based GUI for displaying the location and detail of mobile duress, fixed duress, “dry contacts” and management system generated alarms.
  • DURAalarm works in conjunction with DURAevent to optimise the alarm response process.
  • DURAtest is an internet browser based GUI that enables users to regularly test the personal alarm functionality of their Ascom handheld unit.
  • DURAroute is traditionally used in prisons and corrective institutions, to mea-sure the time taken by staff to travel between pre-defined specific points in a fixed route.
  • DURAroute will raise an automatic alarm if there are any discrepancies in the time taken to get between the specific points or any changes to the sequence of the route.

DURAsuite applications – Messaging

  • DURAlink enables the bi-directional integration with external manage-ment systems (e.g. Nurse Call, Hospital Management, Building Management System, Fire Panel, Access Control, IT systems, SCADA, PLC etc.) so that alarms and messages raised by these systems can be received using a combination of industry standard and proprietary protocols over either serial or TCP/IP links – and then be immediately delivered to relevant staff carrying a handheld device.
  • DURApage is an internet browser based GUI that enables users to type and send text messages to either individuals or groups of individuals carrying wireless handheld devices.
  • DURAmanager manages both the distribution of all messages within the DURAsuite system to either individual destinations (i.e. handheld devices or external systems) or group destinations (i.e. handheld unit groups). DURAmanager is also responsible for the management of message esca-lations and message redirections.
  • DURAschedule allows for messages to be automatically scheduled for transmission at regular intervals using either simple or complex scheduling patterns.
  • DURAdispatch is an automated task allocation system. DURAdispatch enables the efficient distribution of tasks to staff carrying Ascom “2 way messaging” capable handheld units. Tasks can be entered via a user name/ password protected internet browser based GUI or from external systems. Tasks are allocated to staff based on a set of customer defined parameters that optimise the distribution and management of the tasks.

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