Senior Management

Malcolm Briggs_0H8A4715

Malcolm BriggsManaging Director

I have picked the best of breed and I am very proud of our previous solutions provided. Success and confidence looks ahead at our future.

Being common is predictable and boring. Complacency causes people to make mistakes. At Tellen we are constantly seeking ways to further use the technology available and improve the environments we service. Never a dull day in our world

Malcolm Briggs’ mission was to search the globe and partner with the finest manufacturers of hi-spec communicative technology hardware and he then wanted to ensure that these devices and systems could talk to each other. Malcolm employs only the finest technicians and corporate outfit that is credible worldwide.

Liam DarlingNational Sales Director for Tellen Australia

Failure to plan is planning to fail.


A qualified electronic engineer Liam has significant experience  across multiple industries and sectors including telco, hospitality and entertainment  and for the last 4 years healthcare.

Paul Plester 0H8A1094

Paul PlesterRegional Sales

ICT Technology should be used to do the mundane repetitive jobs so that you can focus on doing the important stuff.

Paul Plester’s career has closely matched the emergence and growth of the Information and Communications Technology industry. As a Technician Paul started on Mini Computers then PC’s and Mac ‘s and has evolved to networking every possible Compute or Communication’s device into ICT solutions for customers.

“Delivering a smart, cost effective and successful solution to a customer is always my main objective”

Long term trusted relationships that come from successful delivery of solutions lead to the confidence to be more innovative with Technology.

Innovative ICT Technology is recognised as  the path to becoming the best – safest in your field and I want to help with that.

Paul is excited to be able to help Tellen Systems deliver innovative solutions to New Zealand businesses.

Paul Trotter 0H8A1133

Paul TrotterOperations Manager - Textiles

Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour.

Paul boasts over 30 years’ experience in the industry. A degree and various high level qualifications in Laundry Management and Textile assures our customers the highest level of design, installation and execution.

Paul believes that excellent service is the cornerstone of any job, pre and post installation. Paul has earned the name (Mr Laundry New Zealand) in many textile fraternities.

Gavin Moodley 0H8A1161

Gavin MoodleyMajor Contracts

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Gavin brings a mountain of experience and knowledge. Coming from a Technology based background Gavin understands the necessity for systems to work flawlessly, and is committed to ensuring our 24/7/365 service maintains a superior success rate.

Gavin leads from either the front or from behind. He is adaptable to any situation and his calm, logical approach has gained him great success.

Christine Enders 0H8A1100

Christine EndersFinancial Controller

The impossible takes a little longer.

I started out over 40 years ago as a purchasing officer for the Dept of Defence in Canberra. I then moved into sales in the commercial sector specialising in electronic components. From sales I moved into accounts & business management in a variety of manufacturing & distribution industries and then taking on the challenge of Business Manager Tellen Systems  Australia.

I have now also taken the position of Financial Controller Tellen Systems New Zealand under my wing. 

David Balfour_0H8A4735

David BalfourEngineering Manager

Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour.

David is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with working experience in both public and private sectors for the last 16 years.

His experience includes Cold war radar system’s for the British RAF to TV repair and on to emergency communication equipment for Multitone in the UK for the last 7 years.

David worked up from Installation Engineer to Technical Specialist supporting the field engineering team and project design, engineering and management.  His responsibilities were call out systems for more than 300 fire stations, messaging solutions for Hospital trusts as big a s22 sites and 7,000 users with centralisation.

Name 0H8A1142

Arpit SakhujaSystems Engineer

“IT simplifies, it is us humans who complicate things”

After completing his Engineering and Post grad in Computer Sciences he has gathered practical knowledge through his experiences in India and New Zealand. He’s been heading the technical and services department for Tellen and has been an integral part of the company. He delivers his expertise in many different forms, be it designing a new systems, maintaining the legacy systems or heading the major installations he always is on the top of it.

Arpit considers the key to success for an organisation is to understand the needs of a customer and at Tellen we tailor wireless messaging solutions for customers whether it is a DHB, a corporate like Fonterra, Honeywell or an Aged Care Facilities.