Introducing the Tellen family of mobile personal man down / duress devices

Each device is equipped to provide its user with total peace of mind when travelling or working in dangerous environments, with the push of a button an alert can be generated and sent to a number of pre-set guardians through a text message which provides the location of the person sending the SOS. The message is sent via a platform called Oysta, which also provides full reporting back to base and can record events such as speed, non-movement, falls, impact, Battery Power and Route History.

Fall Sensor
Oysta OneTouch is equipped with a Fall Sensor, which immediately sends an alert information in case of a ‘man down’ situation.

One-Touch SOS Button
Just one push of the SOS Button will contact a pre-defined number and send a message with location information.

Proof of attendance
One press of the function button will allow you to send your current location, along with the time, to the platform.

Safety Zones
Create Safety Zones (both in and out zone alerts).

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Vandal Proof Mesh Repeaters

We also manufacture, supply and export the vandal proof covers for the Mesh repeaters.

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