Project Description

Tellen has not only taken on new ownership and management, but also a new grasp on technology.
Being amongst the forerunners of wireless integrated solutions in New Zealand for more than 23 years, the Tellen team enjoys standing on the pinnacle of being the preferred supplier and platform provider to over 90 percent of the country’s major medical hospitals.

Tellen have made huge waves in the ocean of wireless technology servicing the correctional sector, medical sector, corporate sector, correctional sector, health and safety sector, to name but a few.
“Wireless technology and the evolvement of wireless reliability is becoming harnessed in every kiwis comfort zone.
Kiwis have come to appreciate the robustness and cost saving results of wireless technology over the last few years. And once you gain a kiwis trust, you know your product is durable. I call it the kiwi standard stamp of approval.” says Malcolm Briggs, Managing Director Tellen Systems NZ.

Tellen staff are a multi mix of cultures working together in harmony bringing skills from around the world as well as employing local expertise.
The balance is said to be pleasant yet powerful. The debonair demeanour of the Managing Director is a constant delight to the customers and the employees.
With Tellen technology you are certain of many things, one of those being that the staff are serious about customer relations, customer service, customer satisfaction and obviously the technology at hand.

Tellen also leads one of the most competitive textile solutions departments. Utilising technology to correct problems in the textile world that to date have had no long lasting successful solution.
Tellen Systems NZ strive to constantly be innovators of technology, offering solutions founded through smart and logical approaches.