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Introducing SNS™ Time Synchronization
The Primex Synchronous Network System (SNS) uses your facility’s current wired or wireless network infrastructure to provide synchronized time throughout your facilities. The SNS Time Synchronization system consists of the Application Management Platform (AMP), Primex clocks and timers that communicate with the AMP over your facility’s wireless or wired Ethernet network. The figure below illustrates the architecture of the SNS Time Synchronization system.

Primex clocks can also be deployed as Network Time Protocol (NTP) only clocks, offering the flexibility to configure clocks for NTP only synchronization. In NTP only mode, clocks are synchronized with an NTP time source and are not managed or monitored by the Application Management Platform (AMP). Clocks can be added to the AMP at a later time. For NTP only use information, refer to the SNS™ Analog and Digital Clocks/Timers NTP Only Installation Guide.

Simple, Wireless Time-Synchronization Platforms
With Primex Wireless clocks and timers, you can trust the accuracy of every clock throughout your facility. Using either your Wi-Fi network or our unique 72MHz broadcast frequency to transmit the wireless signal, our systems seamlessly synchronize every clock independently to display the exact same time. With a variety of style and power options, plus dedicated project managers to ensure smooth installation, Primex Wireless is the choice worldwide for synchronized time solutions.

Cross resetting clocks off your to-do list
Using NTP or GPS-acquired time, our clocks maintain facility-wide synchronization to within 300 milliseconds.

Automatic Daylight Saving Time changes
Primex clocks automatically resynchronize after Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages, saving hours of manual labor and slashing maintenance costs.

Your choice of wireless deployment
Our technology can manage your clocks through your existing Wi-Fi network or using our proprietary 72MHz transmission frequency to transmit the time synchronization signal.

Multiple power options
No more hard-wiring! Our synchronized clocks can be powered by batteries, AC or through your facility’s Ethernet (PoE), allowing for easy installation even in your oldest buildings.

A variety of styles to match your style
From classic wood, to bright LED and sleek metal, Primex has the clock design to complement your facility. You can even add your own logo to any analog clock.

Receive proactive maintenance reports
With our OneVue system, a daily report will notify you if batteries are low, signal is lost, or a clock is not synchronized, to allow you to proactively correct the issue.

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