All our mats are easy to install and are made with high quality materials, which provide a long lasting and durable product.

We make our very own bed, chair and floor pressure sensitive mats. All of our mats are made with high quality anti-bacterial Crypton material and the pressure plate is encased in an internal waterproof bladder. We weren’t happy with what was available in the market so we made our own – tried and tested for the last 10 years in Australia and  New Zealand. A product we truly stand by and trust you will too!

Bed Sensor Mat
Pressure sensitive alarm pads that sense when a patient is attempting to leave the bed.

  • In bed sensor for either on top or under mattress
  • Two sizes for use in standard and folding beds

Chair Sensor Mat
On chair pressure sensitive alarm pads to sense when a patient is attempting to leave a seated position. 

Floor Sensor Mat
Pressure sensitive mat that alarms when the resident leaves the bed and puts their feet on the floor. 

Adapts the mats to most nurse call systems, plugs into current Nurse Call System and presents notifications in the same way a pendant does.  Trials are possible to ensure they work with your system. Battery operated.

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